• 90°angle attachment tool for four face machining - standard equipment
    (5°indexing machining performed by EIA / ISO program)
  • 6000 rpm spindle, 26 kW and 828 N・m (611ft・lbs) for high-power machining
  • Column height 1650mm (64.96") by utilizing cross rail with W-axis control
  • Compact machine design with large machining area
  • Wide variety of turning and milling spindle specifications available
  • Factory automation equipment - Bar feeders, TA(workpiece loading / unloading robot), automatic jaw changer - for enhanced productivity
  • Next generation MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC system
  • Spindle specifications available for a wide range of machining requirements
  • 30 tools magazine - standard equipment 60,90 and 120 tools optionally available
  • Wide variety of automation equipment available - such as 2-pallet changer
  • Next generation MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC system
  • Produce gear without dedicated gear cutting machine
  • Perform high accuracy gear cutting on the INTEGREX AG plus measurement and machining compensation
  • Integrated processing ensures minimum production lead time for gear processing
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Today manufacturers everywhere face many challenges - constantly striving to reduce production costs, increasing the use of automation, a growing shortage of skilled employees among many others. The Mazak "iSMART FactoryTM" technology can be used to meet manufacturers' demands to establish production plants using the IoT. By utilizing advanced Mazak machine tools together with software, we can effectively support your goal of realizing data-driven manufacturing for higher productivity.


New CNC system and software for advanced digital production MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC and MAZATROL TWINS


Aerospace industry


Machine tool manufacturers are required to supply high-performance, high-productivity and high-accuracy 5-axis machines and multi-tasking machines and propose new techniques to process difficult-to-cut materials and integrated components.
Mazak's extensive product range includes various machines suitable for the aircraft industry, and today many Mazak machine tools are playing active roles in aerospace manufacturers around the world.


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