Mazak Features

86 Support Bases in 28 Countries

To provide unsurpassed before and after sales service and support, Yamazaki Mazak has established Technology Centers, where customers can be introduced to new manufacturing concepts as well as learn how to increase the productivity of machines that are already installed.

Together with Technical Centers that are the base of sales and service, Yamazaki Mazak has established 86 support bases all over the world.

The Role of Technology Centers

  • Provides demonstrations of the latest machine models or test cutting in showrooms where the latest machine models are on display.

  • After installing machine tools in customer's factories, Yamazak Mazak provides a variety of training such as programming and maintenance to their employees

  • Support base when an unexpected problem occurs on a customer's machine

Manufacturing Facilities with R&D in 6 Countries

Yamazaki Mazak has established strong Research and Development departments in all manufacturing plants in Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Singapore, China, and India, so that we can provide engineering support by developing unique products as well as systems and software that focuses on customers’ requirements of individual markets.

Extensive Local Support Bases

Yamazaki Mazak has employees worldwide involved in customer support such as after sales service and application engineering. Thanks to these employees, Yamazaki Mazak is ready to provide professional support to customers all over the world.

Comprehensive network to promptly supply parts worldwide

In order to realize timely spare parts delivery all over the world, Yamazaki Mazak has established large parts centers in Japan, the United States, Belgium, Singapore and China. World Parts Center in Minokamo Japan operates 24 / 7 to distribute spare parts to parts centers all over the world. More than 96% of spare parts are shipped within 24 hours. Please contact your closest Mazak Technology Center or Technical Center if you have any questions.