HCN-4000 NEO

Photo)Shown with optional equipment

High performance machine tool NEO series
with high productivity and environmental performance

The Mazak NEO series has evolved into a 'Next Generation' machine, with enhanced spindles, tables, hydraulic fixtures and automation equipment.
Equipped even more 'Excellent' specifications.
Capable of providing 'Optimal' solutions to meet customer needs.


Video) HCN-5000 NEO


High Productivity (Machine construction・Spindle)

(1) X-axis slanted design

The mounting surfaces of the X-axis linear guide rails are at different heights to ensure high rigidity for high-speed and high-accuracy positioning.

(2) Table clump

The table and pallet are clamped on 4 taper cones for stable heavy-duty machining.

(3) Three-point leveling bed

Three-point leveling bed simplifies machine installation.

(4) Linear roller guides utilized on the X, Y, and Z-axis

The HCN series uses linear roller guides on the X, Y, and Z-axis for high-accuracy and heavy-duty machining.

(5) High-rigidity bed

The high-rigidity bed is reinforced with strategically located ribs to ensure stability during X and Z-axis travel.


Integral spindle/motor

The integral spindle/motor design minimizes vibration during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximize tool life.

Spindle thermal control

For high-accuracy machining, temperature-controlled cooling oil circulates around the spindle bearings and headstock to minimize any thermal change to the spindle.

Spindle variation

Standard [ 12000 min-1(rpm) ] *

No.40, BBT-40, HSK-A63
Integral spindle/motor
Grease lubrication
Speed12000 min-1(rpm)
Output18.5 kW (25 HP) [40% ED]
15 kW (20 HP) [cont. rating]
Max. torque81.9 N・m [40% ED]

* Standard spindle varies depending on the region.

High torque [ 15000 min-1(rpm) ] (OPTION)

No.40, BBT-40, HSK-A63
Integral spindle/motor
Oil and air lubrication
Speed15000 min-1(rpm)
Output46 kW (62 HP) [40% ED]
37 kW (50 HP) [cont. rating]
Max. torque200 N・m [40% ED]

High speed [ 18000 min-1(rpm) ] (OPTION)

No.40, BBT-40, HSK-A63
Integral spindle/motor
Oil and air lubrication
Speed18000 min-1(rpm)
Output35 kW (47 HP) [40% ED]
26 kW (35 HP) [cont. rating]
Max. torque84 N・m [40% ED]

High speed, high output [ 20000 min-1(rpm) ] (OPTION)

No.40, BBT-40, HSK-A63
Integral spindle/motor
Oil and air lubrication
Speed20000 min-1(rpm)
Output42 kW (56 HP) [40% ED]
26 kW (35 HP) [cont. rating]
Max. torque161 N・m [40% ED]

High speed [ 25000 min-1(rpm) ] (OPTION)

Integral spindle/motor
Oil and air lubrication
Speed25000 min-1(rpm)
Output23 kW (31 HP) [40% ED]
15 kW (20 HP) [cont. rating]
Max. torque22 N・m [40% ED]

High Accuracy (Table・Core cooling)

0.0001°× 3600000 NC rotary table

The NC rotary table uses a backlash-free rotary gear cam to ensure high accuracy as well as long service life.

DDM rotary table (OPTION)

For efficient high-speed operation, direct transmission of driving power to the rotary table axis eliminates power transmission components such as the worm shaft and the worm gear.

Inertia Auto Tuning

Supports inertia adjustment on the screen

  • Generate estimated programs
  • Visualize estimated results
  • Adjust programs

Continuous inverted boring accuracy

Test results

Perform continuous machining from a cold start for stable high accuracy. Special tools and compensation with touch sensor are not required for high-accuracy boring.

Note: The inspection is conducted on a recommended foundation with room temperature controlled to 22°C±0.5°C after machine has reached operating temperature. Example results for reference only.

X, Y, Z-axis ball screw core cooling

Temperature-controlled cooling oil circulates through the ball screw cores to ensure stable machining accuracy over extended periods of high-speed operation.


6-pallet changer (OPTION)

Set up multiple workpieces for automatic operation over extended periods of time.


Compact multi-pallet stocker system stores a maximum of 16 pallets in its pallet stocker.

Robot system (OPTION)

Interface for connecting an external robot for workpiece loading/unloading to/from automatic hydraulic fixtures is optionally available.

  • Field network available

Environmental Friendly

Energy-saving equipment reduces power consumption

  • Hydraulic unit utilizing accumulator
  • Inverter type chiller unit
  • Reduced warm-up time by stable machining accuracy

Energy-saving coolant system with sludge removal performance

No need to frequently clean the tank

The coolant tank has a coolant jet that makes a vortex in the center so that small machined chips will not settle in the tank.
Thanks to this feature, the coolant tank stays clean and the service life of the coolant is extended. Ease of maintenance is also ensured. The frequency of coolant changes is reduced as well as CO2 emissions at coolant disposal.

High performance filter removes 99% of sludge

High performance filter removes 99% of sludge from the coolant.

Reduced running cost / environmental impact

Reduced tank cleaning, optimal control of coolant discharge and the efficient pump operation with inverters, reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Machine Specifications

Specification Values
Capacity Pallet Size 400 mm / 15.750 in
Maximum Workpiece Diameter 630 mm / 24.800 in
Maximum Workpiece Height 900 mm / 35.430 in
Spindle Spindle Taper BT40
Maximum Speed 12000 rpm
Magazine Number of Tools 40
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 560 mm / 22.05 in
Travel (Y Axis) 640 mm / 25.20 in
Travel (Z Axis) 640 mm / 25.20 in