Various automation systems and software that meet the requirements for producing a wide variety of parts in small lot sizes with exceptional efficiency.


Specific application for collaborative robot operated by MAZATROL

1. Robot program creation

Connectable with machining program

When you select a work number, a program will be automatically generated.

Conversational programming

Setup the parameters of the collaborative robot and the workpiece.

2. Schedule

Continuous machining of multiple workpieces

Input the number of workpieces to be processed. The automatic setup function allows for multi-product operation.

3. Automatic system operation

Operation monitoring

After placing the materials on the pallet, automatic operation begins. You can also check the operation status.


Smooth PMC is the software to perform schedule automatic operation/ control of FMS [PALLETECH SYSTEM] by MAZAK.
Thanks to real time simulation, production status up to a week in the future and tool resource check during automatic operation can be done for unmanned operation over extended periods of time.


Once the production schedule is input, operation will be performed automatically.
Production results, system utilization and other data can be checked on the MAZATROL Smooth CNC.


The VARIAXIS i-300 AWC provides exceptional unmanned operation flexibility.



Mazak SMS with large capacity pallet stocker. Storage of material pallets and sychronization of fixture pallets at loading stations is also available.