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New South East Asia Technology Center opens in Singapore

YAMAZAKI MAZAK SINGAPORE has completed the construction of a new Technology Center and a factory expansion, and held a Grand Opening ceremony on 19 March 2014 in Singapore.

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The INTEGREX i-100 BARTAC series received “One of the Best 10 Products in Japan” Award

The INTEGREX i-100 BARTAC series received “One of the Best 10 Products in Japan in 2011” Awards administrated by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, one of the largest business newspapers in Japan. This was the 56th year for this contest and the winners were selected from a total of 68 entrants.

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May 2014

Shop Centers Success on Self-Contained Single-Cell Automation

Ask Michael Olano, president of Dynomach Inc., how to be a profitable high-volume production shop, and his answer will be self-contained single-cell automation – more specifically, twin-spindle machines outfitted with bar feeders and automatic parts catchers.

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Automated HMC Cell Powers Rod Production Flexibility

Automotive connecting rod production is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of vehicle engine platforms that would run for 10-plus years requiring connecting rods that basically remained unchanged design wise. Instead, today’s automakers, in efforts to reduce vehicle weight and emissions, continuously introduce new and smaller engines – with fewer cylinders, yet increased horsepower – at an average rate of every three or so years.

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April 2014

Shop Gives Props to DONE IN ONE Cellular Manufacturing

Hartzell Propeller Inc, with roots tracing back to a relationship with the Wright Airplane Co. (founded by the Wright Brothers) is one shop that gives the utmost proper recognition to manufacturing cells - in particular those that incorporate multi-tasking DONE IN ONE machine technology. These special types of cells, over the past few years, have not only allowed the shop to continuously boost its aircraft propeller production output, but do so using less equipment and smaller amounts of manufacturing floor space.

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March 2014