QTE-200 SG


2-axis turning center to process wide variety of parts with high efficiency

  • Integral spindle / motor for high-accuracy, high-speed machining
  • 8 position / 12 position (option) drum turret with minimum interference
  • Simple and compact machine designed for high cost performance
  • Two types of new CNC system available

CNC system

Two types of new CNC system available


  • MAZATROL conversational programming
  • Touch screen - Operates similar to your smartphone / tablet
  • New functions for high-speed, high-accuracy



  • EIA / ISO programming
  • Mazak's original and useful menus added
  • Optimal for mass production


Integral spindle / motor

Thanks to its design, vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life. Since no transmission with belts, pulleys or gears is used, the higher efficiency of the integral spindle / motor delivers more power to the tool tip to be used for cutting.


High-torque spindle

The spindle is designed to provide high-torque machining in the low-speed range. In addition to its high rigidity, the high acceleration and deceleration increases productivity.

Spindle speed 5000 min-1
Spindle motor 40% ED*115 kW(20 HP)
25% ED*215 kW(20 HP)
cont. rating11 kW(15 HP)
Max. torque25% ED195 N・m

*1 : MAZATROL SmoothEz



The bolt-on tool holders are rigidly mounted on the turret by 4 bolts. Thanks to a servo driven motor, drum turret features high-speed, non-lift turret indexing with minimum interference. Tool shank ☐25mm ensures high rigidity machining.

8 position drum turret

Tool shank ☐25 mm
Boring bar shank diameter Φ32 mm, Φ40 mm

12 position drum turret  (Option)

Tool shank ☐25 mm
Boring bar shank diameter Φ32 mm

Higher Accuracy

Spindle designed for high accuracy even in high speed machining

Machine model QTE-200 SG
Material High-speed cutting brass JIS C3604
Material size Φ70 mm × 100 mm
Spindle speed 4760 min-1
Machining conditions Feedrate 0.025 mm/rev
DOC 0.025 mm
Tool Sintered diamond tool)
(R0.4 mm)

* : Example results for reference only

Machine Specifications

Specification Bed Length - 300U mm Bed Length - 500U mm
Capacity Maximum Swing 580 mm580 mm
Maximum Machining Diameter 350 mm350 mm
Maximum Bar Work Capacity 51 mm51 mm
Maximum Machining Length 285 mm520 mm
Main Spindle Chuck Size 8 in8 in
Maximum Speed 5000 rpm 5000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 195 mm195 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 325 mm560 mm