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High Productivity in a Small Floor Space
High Production Multi-tasking HQR-250MSY

  • 2 turret / 2 spindle machine construction for reduced cycle time
  • High efficiency integral spindle / motors in both left and right headstocks perform powerful turning and high accuracy C-axis indexing in 0.0001° increments
  • In addition to the standard 12 position drum turret and 16 position drum turret are optionally available
  • High accuracy milling thanks to the rotary tool spindle on both turrets and long Y-axis stroke which is extended to 100mm (4")

    Since maximum weights of tooling is increased and heavy tandem type mill holders can be applied, various shape of workpieces are available for machininig with long Y-axis stroke.

  • Both the main spindle and second spindle have large bores, and bar material can be efficiently machined
    Bar work capacity of both spindles is Φ80mm(Φ3.15”)(Option)
  • A variety of automation equipment such as bar feeders, workpiece unloader and robot are optionally available



Machine Specifications

Specification Bed Length - 850U mm Bed Length - 1300U mm
Capacity Maximum Swing 370 mm / 14.60 in370 mm / 14.60 in
Maximum Machining Diameter 344 mm / 13.500 in344 mm / 13.500 in
Maximum Machining Length 860 mm / 33.900 in1325 mm / 52.200 in
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Second Spindle Maximum Speed 5000 rpm 5000 rpm
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 12 12
Maximum Speed 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 207 mm / 8.20 in207 mm / 8.20 in
Travel (Y Axis) 100 mm / 4.00 in100 mm / 4.00 in
Travel (Z Axis) 760 mm / 29.87 in1225 mm / 48.25 in