3D Fiber Laser processing machine
for Long Tube and Structural Material

  • High speed cutting with energy saving by fiber laser processing
  • Continuous 3D cutting of long tube and structural material is performed automatically
  • Complete all cutting processes with high accuracy in one machine

Fiber Laser

Optimum cutting of mild steel by Nitrogen is available and the productivity of thin and mid thickness material is increased.
Electrical power consumption is considerably low compared to CO2 laser processing machines, which results in a large reduction of running cost.

3D cutting head

3D cutting from various directions for laser processing of complex shaped material and welding of pipes and structural material.

Higher Productivity

The productivity is much increased by tight joint-fit with tabs and slots and bending methods compared to a conventional way. No fixture required and the manufacturing cost can be reduced.

Higher Accuracy

Four chucks are simultaneously moved and rotated on axes in order to prevent from swaying materials during laser processing. 3D laser processing on back side is available. High accurate laser processing is available with minimizing vibration of any types of long pipes. Specifications of loading and unloading can be selected.

Specifications 3 m* *1 6 m* 8 m 12 m*
Max. material length
for loading
6250 mm 8150 mm 12350 mm
Max. material length
for unloading
3000 mm 6100 mm 8000 mm 12200 mm

* : Option
*1 : Unloading only

Machine Specifications

Specification Values
Laser Rated Output (Continuous) 4.0 kw
Maximum Cutting Size (Round) 220 mm
Maximum Cutting Size (Square) 152 mm
Maximum Workpiece Length (Loading) 8150 mm
Maximum Workpiece Length (Unloading) 8000 mm
Feed Axes Travel (X axis) 9055 mm
Travel (Y axis) 985 mm
Travel (Z axis) 400 mm