FG-220 DDL

3D Direct Diode Laser Processing Machine for Long Tube and Structual Material   FG-220 DDL

  • Max. material length for loading   : 8150 mm(320.87")
      (option : 6250 mm(246.06"), 12350 mm(486.22"))
    Max. material length for unloading   : 8000 mm(314.96")
      (option : 6100 mm(240.16"), 12200 mm(480.31"))
    Max. material diameter  : round pipe Φ220mm,(Φ8.66") 
       square pipe  □ 152.4 mm(6.0")

  • Just load the material in the loading station, and material handling, 3D laser cutting and unloading of finished workpieces are all performed automatically. 
  • Complete all cutting processes from 3D cutting to tapping in just one machine when equipped with the optional tapping unit [Max. M12 (1/2 UNC and UNF)]
  • The Direct Diode Laser has a shorter wavelength than a CO2 laser for high speed cutting of mild steel with nitrogen assist gas. The FG-220 DDL improves pproductivity of cutting this to mid thickness pipe and other structural material.

Machine Specifications

Specification Values
Maximum Cutting Size (Round) 220 mm / 8.66 in
Maximum Cutting Size (Square) 152 mm / 6.0 in
Maximum Workpiece Length (Loading) 8150 mm / 320.87 in
Maximum Workpiece Length (Unloading) 8000 mm / 314.96 in
Feed Axes Travel (X axis) 9055 mm / 356.50 in
Travel (Y axis) 985 mm / 38.78 in
Travel (Z axis) 400 mm / 15.75 in