Environmental Policy


We, Yamazaki Mazak, have been observing our principle of providing customer satisfaction by using the latest technologies to develop and manufacture our products. Yamazaki Mazak is now one of the leading machine tool manufacturers in the world. Our products are supplied to customers all over the world and are making significant contributions to many industries. Today, there is considerable discussion regarding how businesses approach pressing environmental problems such as air pollution and global warming. It is now recognized that environmental protection activities are one of the most important issues for management. Under these circumstances, Yamazaki Mazak will reduce the impact on the environment caused by manufacturing by a reduction in the use of energy and generation of industrial wastes. Additionally, during the research and development of new products, we will deeply take environmental concerns into consideration such as energy efficiency and the use of recyclable materials. Throughout the world, we will carry out a technical renovation in harmony with the earth’s environment by actively promoting our undertakings according to our environmental principles. By doing so, we will contribute to the prosperity of society.

Environmental Policy

The Yamazaki Mazak Group will actively implement and promote an environmental protection and management system.

1. We will establish environmental objectives and targets, efficiently implement an environmental management system, and perform internal audits and reviews to ensure efforts are made to prevent contamination and that they will continually improve.
2. We will promote energy efficiency in order to save natural resources.
3. We will promote recycling and the reduction of industrial wastes.
4. When we develop new products, their impact on the environment as the minimum over their entire productive life will be deeply taken into consideration.
5. We will observe environmental legislation and regulations and promote the prevention of environmental pollution, such as air emissions, discharges to water, land contamination, and others.
6. We will promote the procurement of green-products in order to protect the environment.
7. We will establish a documented environmental management system and educate all our employees in order to raise our environmental consciousness.
8. We will open our environmental protection principles and undertakings to the public with the goal of being regarded as a socially responsible enterprise.

Research and Development

Yamazaki Mazak actively develops environmentally friendly machines by utilizing recyclable materials and functions that realize considerable energy efficiency. For example, grease is utilized as the main lubricant to eliminate any tramp oil and extend the service life of coolant, the machine lighting and chip conveyor are automatically shut off after a predetermined period for lower electrical power consumption.